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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 12:00 AM

Incredible Mounting Tape

I purchased three of the SimpliCams recently and was trying to figure out how I was going to mount them to the walls.  I saw where other people have drilled holes in the stand to attach them with screws, but I didn't want to deface the camera or void the warranty.  I also didn't want the expense of purchasing custom mounts for them.  While searching through Amazon.com, I came across something called Nano Tape - Ultra Stick Super Gel Tape.  Not only is it reusable, but it is washable and holds up to 2.2 pounds.  I was eager to try it on the SimplliCams, so purchased a roll.  

The tape was cut to cover the base and then trimmed along the edges.  The camera was mounted about seven feet high on the wall.  The tape appeared to hold the camera much more securely than the Command strips would have.  The following day, I decided to move the same camera to the other side of the wall to get a wider view.  It was a chance to see if what was mentioned about the tape was true.  My worse fear was tearing off part of the wall.  With steady pressure over a period of time, the camera base began to move away from the wall.  The gel tape stayed intact with the base.  Fortunately, none of the paint came off the wall.  

I placed the camera on the other side of the wall using the same tape.  That thing is rock solid.  I cut very narrow strips of the tape and placed it along the side of the door molding to hold the cord in place.  It worked beautifully.  Of course, it has only been up there for two days, but I like the flexibility and strength that this tape offers.  Considering replacing the tape on all of the contacts with this stuff.  

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