Tue, Jan 21, 2020 5:04 PM

Indoor Camera Changes/Improvements?

I received and installed an indoor camera last spring.  Since then it has been a pretty unreliable component, going offline on and off.   We do not have fast internet access at the remote house it's used at but the camera is the only unit on this wireless network that misbehaves - the base station and other (thermostat) are all solid.   A few days ago we were at the house and the camera disconnected and never connected back again - it would get as far as reading the QR code and then just - nothing.

I am wondering has Simplisafe made any incremental improvements with the cameras since last spring?   Software updates for example?   Is it worth trying to get an update from them or do I just move to another system with reliable components?   I don't want to add another seperate system for just cameras because the Simplisafe isn't reliable, I'd at that point just change it out.


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