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Indoor camera opens, records at wrong times

I'm a long time Simplisafe user.  I just added an indoor camera over the weekend.  I want the shutter open and recording only in Away mode.  

I set the shutter status to Off: Closed, Home: Closed, Away: Open, Motion Sensitivity: Medium, Allow Video Verification: On.

Today, when I put the PIN into the keypad to leave the house, changing from Home to Off, I heard the camera click and the light started blinking.  It recorded for a minute or two.  When I put it back into Home mode, it recorded again for a couple of minutes.  I have replicated this behavior several times.  Also, when this happens, I get camera motion alerts on my phone app.

I also have a couple of sensors that are set to "Secret Alert".  This feature is supposed to not trigger an alarm, just send me a notification.  But, it also opens the camera and creates a recording.

I called Tech Support and we went through the reboot, remove and re-install drill.  They are sending me a new camera because they think it is a bad camera.  The behavior is specific enough that I suspect a firmware or design flaw.  Just wondering if anyone else has seen this??

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They all work that way. A new/replacement camera will do exactly the same thing. It's inherent to the system.

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Hi all,

whoaru99 is correct. Here is a comprehensive list of the events that will trigger recordings from your SimpliSafe cameras:

  • Alarms
  • Arming or Disarming your SimpliSafe system
  • Camera Detected Motion
  • User Triggered Recording
  • Secret Alerts (When Enabled)
  • User Initiated Test of the SimpliSafe system
  • Duress Alarm
  • Silent Panic button
  • Exit Delay (After arming your system)
  • Entry Delay (After entering your home while the system is alarmed)
  • Power Restored

Please keep in mind that after recording, the shutter on the camera will adjust to your selected settings.

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