Tue, Aug 4, 2020 8:18 PM

Installing door sensor in a safe?

can a door sensor be installed in a safe and still work (Faraday cage principle)?

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Hi nfl7876,

Sorry to say, it's very unlikely - just from the density of the walls of the safe alone.

But you can install the sensor on the outside. On the off change that a thief can get to the safe, pulling the sensor off would still trigger an alarm anyway!

Johnny M.
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Yes it can. I have a door sensor mounted inside my gun safe.  The larger part of the sensor is mounted on the inside of the safe door and then the other part of the sensor is mounted inside on the adjacent wall of the gun safe. I have the settings set to silent alert so I get a notification on my phone everyone my gunsafe is opened, but you can make the settings to whatever you want.



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You could also modify the entry sensor to accept a remotely wired switch.  Have the switch inside and the sensor outside (on the side facing the base)