Tue, Jan 14, 2020 2:08 AM

Internet connection problem

installed everything and it works well from the keypad after activating the updated system, but I can't get passed the master PIN from the web page or the android app.  I get a "check internet connection" from the pin/unlock screen.



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If you have SS2, there have been reports that the newer 4G compatible SIM card with the cellular module in the base station has not been activated - call SS and ask them if it is - if it isn't, it has to be done on their end.

If you have SS3 (this issue also applies to SS2) - it could be that you need a different cellular module (i.e., systems are usually sent with tmobile/vodafone modules, and won't work for everyone, so request a verizon module instead - it's like a network card that you swap in the base station, easy to do).  If this is the issue, request that they send it to you 2-day air and follow up with them!

Either way, call SS to troubleshoot and see if these are the issues. (press #1 for sales, someone might answer sooner)