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Sat, Jan 29, 2022 8:13 PM

iOS App Won't Work with Two Different Logins for Different SS Systems

We have two locations that both have Simplisafe Systems.  Both sites need to be charged to different credit cards.  One site needs to be monitored by one group of people and the second location needs to be monitored by another group.  I am common to both groups.  I used to be able to use the iOS app to monitor both sites.  With notifications, it did not matter which account I was logged in to, I could get alerts from both systems.  As needed, I could log out of one, login to the other and see the applicable full system.  The functionality no longer works. 

I am using iOS 15.2.1.  I used to have sporadic issues like this with the previous versions of iOS but now, this won't work at all with 15.2.1.  I have uninstalled the app several times and proved that only the first location is accessible.  Once I try to login to the 2nd location, it tells me I need to Setup my SS system.  It does not matter which location I setup first, it is the same situation.  Only the first location is accessible.

I can not merge these accounts under one login because I need the billing to be different and the other people at either location do not need to see the info about the other location, so using a common shared login is just not possible.  And, may I say, that in 2022 where online security is a massive risk to everyone, it is a huge frustration that Simplisafe, a SECURITY COMPANY, does not allow unique logins and everyone has to share the same login.  This practice was eliminated from all secure systems at least 20 years ago.

I tried to use the web browser access from my iphone but regardless of which browser I use (Safari, Chrome, Duck Duck Go), it will not allow me to live view the cameras from the Cameras menu option.  I get a message "This browser is missing the required features for playback.  Please use a different browser or our mobile app. Recent Chrome, macOS Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers are known to work." . Interestingly I can view the cameras from the Timeline page but this does not give me the ability to view the cameras live.

So, I don't know how to handle this situation other than start investigating alternative systems.  I need live camera views for both sites and CAN NOT share the same common login information for everyone at both locations.


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Il y a 7 m

Same thing. I can log in to a different account without fully uninstalling the app. This just started recently. Don’t know if it is an iOS update or App update but something broke it…

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Il y a 7 m

Hi @tech and @SS_User,

The expected behavior is that you should be getting Push notifications through the app only for the account you're currently logged into. Something might have not been working right previously, but it sounds like it's working correctly now.

Currently, there is no way to stay logged into two separate accounts on the same app/device.

However, if you have Interactive Monitoring on one of the accounts, you can set up Smart Alerts via SMS or email (in the app or webapp, look for the Alerts & Notifications section). Those alerts don't need to go through the app, so you can receive them on devices that aren't even logged into the app at all.

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I am having the same problem--also on iOS 15.2.1.  The problem has nothing to do with trying to login to two accounts at once.  I can login to a second account from the app and can see the basic account information.  However, the app does not see the installed SimpliSafe system.  It opens to this screen:

Welcome to SimpliSafe 

Let's set up your security system now. 

<Set up System Button>

If you press the button it asks you to enter the site name and continue with the initial setup.

The system itself is still working fine.  I confirmed that test signals are being received and the history and configuration all look fine if I login to the account from a desktop browser.  However, the app on the phone doesn't think there is a system installed on this account.

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They are describing the same problem we are having. Now we just need to follow an entirely new thread..