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Sun, Jun 20, 2021 7:24 PM

Is the audible alarm for water sensor the same as the normal alarm?

Hi all. I was wondering what you hear exactly when the water sensor is tripped. Is it exactly the same as the burglar alarm? Thanks.



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@Carlton76 it is different, and the base will say "Alert, water detected" and, of couse, no police dispatch. Long story but I know as my daughter got me at Ace while I was getting a part to repair my leaking sump pump and had to drive over to tell me the base was active and COPS had called. Yes, plumbing is not my strong suit!

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Thanks Captain11. Does the alert stop on its own after a time or is there a way to stop it once I am alerted (besides getting the sensor to a dry area)? Thanks.

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Hey Carlton76,

It works like other alarms in that regard - you can just cancel the alarm from your Keypad, Keyfob, or app.

- Johnny M.
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