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Is the whole Gen 3 system still in Beta?

Is the whole Gen 3 system still in Beta? I ask as it doesn't seem to be ready for production yet. The system - particularly the "smart" locks - seems to be designed to be used in a 1 room loft where the base-station has clear line-of-sight to everything. Anything else: walls, windows, people, furniture, pets... appears to stop the whole thing working. The base station needs to be within 20 feet of a lock to reliably connect to it. The keypad just randomly stops working and needs to have its batteries out for 2 minutes to restart. Even the basic entry sensors become flaky more than 30' from the base station and disconnect if a person walks in between it and the base-station. While the customer support people can see sensor signal strength, us poor users can't - something that, given the system's poor connectivity, would be quite useful. The advice I'm given by customer service is to walk the base-station around, trying to guess the precise location where it can reliably talk to everything. One consumer service person suggested I could buy a 2nd base station to extend coverage - that would (of course) be awesome, however I was later told she was wrong. My house is only 2,400 sqft - and that's over 2 floors, with a front gate 20ft away and a garage 20ft behind - apparently that is too vast an empire for Simplisafe to cover.



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@mattjtodd two base stations recommnended by a support agent? Won't even work. My SS3 system ( and two dozen others recommended to family, neighbors, friends and cowworkers) are all fine.  My system has 40+ devices, including the smartlock, and work just fine in my approximately 2600 sq foot home, as does my daughter's in their 2100 sq ft home built in 1926.  

Suggest you call, ask to be escalated to a manager and arrange a call with a technical advisor.  SS has them nad can woak you through whatever is keeping your system workin as it should, like many other customers. BTW, my base station is in the same back bedroom for the past 3+ years, never moved and connects just fine.  Yours should too.

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I have SS2 so not a direct comparison, but by all accounts SS3 has more range. Certainly construction type and other things play in but I have a sensor in an outbuilding that's something on the order of 150-175 ft from the base and it stays connected.