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Sat, Dec 11, 2021 8:14 AM

It appears Malwarebytes Browser Guard prevents login

I was trying out the new Community, and could not get logged in.  I got the panel telling me to go to my email, went there, clicked on the button to authorize login, but never got logged in.  I finally tried disabling Malwarebytes and the login proceeded correctly.   I think this function of Malwarebytes functions as a pop-up and/or ad blocker, so similar problems may be seen with other such extensions.  The browser was Chrome.

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Il y a 8 m

Hi sevensiamesecats,

Yes, that makes sense. I'll add a piece in the Welcome post to address that.

Our login application needs to execute some code, which some malware/adware blockers might not like. You'd only need to suspend the extension while logging in.