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Sat, Jun 11, 2022 4:23 AM


I want an auxiliary alarm for bedroom. Siren is too loud. 

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Hi @jbrac74 ,

Do you have a Gen 3 (current gen) system? If so, you can change the volume on the Wireless Siren - for the alarm, countdowns, and even the door chime.

You can do so through the Devices section of the SimpliSafe app, as well as the Menu on your Keypad.

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Thanks for responding, Davey. I just saw your reply in my old mail.

Do you mean the auxiliary siren? The description says, "blaring 105db..."  Nowhere does it say it's programmable. If it is, is it quiet enough for a bedroom without needing to change the sheets after?

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@jbrac74​ By default the Auxiliary Siren is programmed to High for its' audio. That said, you can adjust the Siren audio settings in the app at any time under Device Settings. Here's a full list of all the settings you can adjust for the Auxiliary Siren. 

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Great! That's a big help. I'll try one.