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Keypad lights up for no apparent reason

I thought the keypad only lights up if you touch it.

I don't mean while setting or disabling the alarm.

I mean that on occasion when I look at the keypad from a distance in another room, I see that it is back-lit.  As if I had been standing next to it and touched it in order to light it.

After a while it goes out.



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Probably ghosts...

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Ghosts could be doing it; better get that checked out!

In all reality, I remember there being an update going out some time ago that corrected an issue where the pin pads would illuminate each time a smoke detector checked in with the system during the regular sensor checks. Again, this was very early on, if I recall correctly.

Hopefully someone from SS can chime in with a more relevant possibility.

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Hi all,

The simpler, less-spooky explanation might just be that something is triggering the proximity sensor. It does work just like the other Motion Sensors in the system, so there might be a source of heat that is directly in front of the Keypad?

Rebooting the Keypad by taking out a battery for a few seconds might also help.

Johnny M.
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No heat source like a lamp there.  There is a heating vent in the floor below it, but all that is coming out of there is cold air from the air conditioner.

There are wires from the old wired security system in the wall behind it. But that is just like the keypad on the second floor and I don't observe the phenomenon there.

I just installed the new system less than a week ago.  So, still getting used to it.

Thanks for the reply.



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Andy T,  

While that may be true for some, not so for those of us who don't have their smoke detectors.

Johnny M,

This is the first, ever, where a simplisafe rep has stated the keypad acts like the motion sensors (even though we all assumed it).  Several posts months ago where the phantom lighting up had no explanations - one user had a ceiling fan running, others had their tv's on - others no explanation whatsoever, so....thanks for the explanation :)

But, why reboot the keypad, if it's a phantom thing, or a motion sensing thing, rebooting isn't going to correct it, right?

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I believe it is uses capacitance to sense your proximity, like the way your smartphone sometimes senses your finger before you touch the screen.  

Check the following: The keypad should be secured tight against the wall, and free of dirt or moisture. Also be suspicious of old alarm system wiring that might be behind the wall, and keep TV sets and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) away from the area.

If all else fails, swap keypads with another location to see if the problem moves to see if you have a bad keypad.

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I'd love to have an answer tio this one, too. I have 2 keypads in my house, one on the wall in my bedroom and one on the wall in my laundry room. It's 2:30am (yes, I'm a night owl), it's just me and my dogs here. The keypad just lit up 3 times in the last 10 minutes, completely freaking me out. There's nothing that could be triggering either unit. So yeah, it'd be nice to know if it's something that should be giving me a heart attack when it happens.

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My SS3 keypad lights up randomly from time to time. Doesn't really bother me, I just hope it's not draining the batteries too much.



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My two keypads are fine, with the occasional light up if I walk close by. Like any product, it could be defective, I would call SS to troubleshoot, and if no resolution, they will replace it. BTW, I found the thread entertaining, especially Johnny's M's reply.  Halloween coming up, possibly some fun in store for the forums....

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Old alarm system wiring can act like an antenna, picking up EMI signals and causing the keypad to light up. Having a second keypad that is not having a problem is not saying the old wiring is fine since wiring does weird things depending on the way it is stuffed back in the wall, etc. Also be sure the old alarm system has NO power, and the old system's backup battery is disconnected. If you want to go nuts, try putting in a piece of tin-foil behind the keypad, and ground it. This will act like a shield.

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I have the same problem with my keypad randomly lighting up. It has been doing it since we got the system earlier this year. Last week they sent me a replacement keypad to try and it does the same thing. When it happens, there doesn't appear to be anything nearby that would trigger it. No lighting, heating, cooling or other changes. No loud noises. I called this morning ti inquire again about it and tech support doesn't seem to haven an answer for it.

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I had this same thing happen to me last night.  I just happened to look over in the direction of the keypad and noticed it was lit up.  I suppose I might have breathed on it as I walked past it but I dunno.

The other day I was trying to figure out how it lit up.  I stood right in front of it.  It didn't seem to notice me.  Only if I almost touched it or waving my hand in front of it triggered the LEDs.

But now, with all this talk of ghosts I'm wondering if my house is haunted.  LOL.  :)

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I just noticed my keypad doing the same thing today. Actually it's been going on and off for almost two hours.  I can see it from my living room, so it's a tad annoying to catch it constantly light up.

This is a new system for me, haven't had it running even a month yet. Guess I'll keep an eye on it to see if this continues.

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Happens to mine too.  My batteries aren't lasting more than a week which is crazy.  They sent me a new keypad, the same results, the batteries on it just keep dying in a few days.  Keep wondering if it's due to the backlight that keeps turning on. I've gone through a whole 72 count box of Costco batteries.  And I've tried Durecell and Energizer and I get the same results.  Help?

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I am having the same issue. Seems randomly the light on the keypad will come on for no reason. I thought it was just confirming that the keypad was communicating. But I have had my system 6 months and have not had any battery issues

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I'm sorry to hear that your Keypad batteries are draining so quickly! The most likely cause for the issue may be related to interference within the home or on the wall that Keypads are on. Interference in signal can cause the Keypad to work harder which causes the device to use more battery power. Interference can be caused by many things such as materials inside of a wall, wireless routers, kitchen appliances, etc.

Typically to troubleshoot this, we recommend moving the Base Station to a different location within the home.  Sometimes keeping the Base Station in direct line of sight from to the Keypads improves connection. Other times, moving the Keypads to a different wall improves the signal. Please try these methods and let us know how it goes!

Additionally, as mentioned in your other post, you can place your Keypad in power saving mode by selecting Devices in your Keypad menu. From there, select the Keypad you wish to edit and turn on the Power Savings option.

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@Lee:  So, do you have any info on why our key pads are lighting up for no apparent reason?