Sun, May 10, 2020 2:49 PM

keypad not connected press any key

After the electric being out and the system set on backup battery power for approximately 5hrs I now get a response on my keypad to connect press any key.
I have tried numerous times by pressing different keys including menu, and replacing batteries in base, and keypad and unplugging the base, nothing works,
any suggestions to fix this issue?

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Il y a 2 y

Probably the   batteries in your base station  became discharged and you will need to set up your keypad again and probably your sensors and any other devices.

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Il y a 2 y

Had power outage (~1 minute) two days ago steady red light, unplugged base station power and removed/reinstalled batteries.  Reconnected power to base station, no lights but a message that "keypad not connected".  Pressed any key on keypad, monitor not lite, no response.  Keypad, removed/reinstalled batteries, pressed any key still nothing.  please help



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Il y a 2 y

@arabica1647 call support and have a new keypad sent after you do a bit of troubleshooting.