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Fri, Aug 5, 2022 7:23 PM

Keypad says it won’t update without Wi-Fi

I am trying to set up a new outdoor camera on my simplisafe system. The app says the keypad needs to be updated before the camera can connect. When I go to the keypad it says it needs to be connected to wifi, even though it already says it’s already connected to wifi in the settings. How do I fix this? 



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@taicletdorie Suggest you pull the batteries out of the keypad, wait 20 seconds and then put them back in. Keypad will go through rest process, keys flashng and then say connecting to base. Once completed, suggest you then hit menu, enter PIN, and then System, then check for updates. If there are any, follow the instructions. Once completed try to connect your camera.

I am going on the basis your WIFI is indeed up and connected to the internet.  If that fails, call support.

If you get a chance post your outcome here.