Sat, Jan 25, 2020 7:14 PM

Keypad Won't Recognize New SS Lock - Is Up to Date!

We just installed one of our new smart locks to our SS system.
I followed the instructions, and it says that if there is no Lock in the add device list, to check for updates. I did so, and it says it is up to date but the lock still isn't showing up.
What do I do to fix this?

Currently on hold with tech support... we know how long that can take :(
Live help not an option.

After being on hold for a loooooooooooooong time, a very nice gentleman helped me.

I suggested that if a customer that already has a system orders a lock, that SS automatically push the update. He did say that they automatically push updates if a lock is ordered, but sometimes they can "fall through the cracks". For some reason my base station was registering on their end as not being connected to the internet, although in the menu it looked like it was. So, I had to "reconnect" it before he could push the update. Eventually he was able to push the update after having to wait about 10 minutes for it to allow him to, because of the wifi issue. He said he would give me a call back after he was able to push it. He gave me a call back as promised, to push the update. The update took a bit to come through so he told me what to do when the gear icon pops up and that he will call me back Monday to help, and/or see if it worked.

He restored some faith in me about SS customer service! The last call I had with them earlier this week wasn't that great!

NOTE: You have to update each keypad one by one if you have more than one.
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