Mon, Jan 27, 2020 1:30 AM

My Entry Monitor shipped with dead batteries

I can't find anything about the replacement size or even how to replace them.  And I am on eternal hold for help.  Does this service improve?

Thank you in advance for any help on battery replacement for the entry monitor.  It's the smaller piece if that matters.



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3 y ago

Call SS when they open in the morning at 9 am (ET), press #1 for sales - ask them to send you new batteries, 2-day air, at their expense.  Just tell them your model (SS2 or SS3), or they will know it when you give them your name, address, etc and safeword.

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3 y ago

Entry sensors use coin batteries, model 2032.  If you slide the sensor off of it's base it's rather obvious how to replace them.  

Batteries are cheap, just buy some replacements.


3 y ago

The low battery indication upon initial set-up happens frequently. Take battery out, reinstall it, arm and disarm system to fix. - Simplisafe