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Sun, Apr 3, 2022 12:09 PM

My entry sensor is not responding.

I have changed the battery with 3 different new batteries. The blue light comes on and blinks when it closes. I moved the magnet and made sure it was close enough. It was working for a few months then quit. It tells me that my back door entry sensor is not responding. Please help. I think I may have a faulty sensor. Is there a way to reset the sensor?

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4 m ago

Hi @akidd060 ,

If you're getting a blinking blue when you open or close that door (or window), that means the sensor is definitely sensing the magnet. So the issue is not with that.

The "Not Responding" error means that the sensor is having trouble checking in with the Base Station. Since we know that the sensor is definitely still powered on, it's sounding like the main issue is with interference - something is getting in the way of that signal.

Interference can be caused by physical objects literally getting in the way, like dense walls (brick, adobe, metal siding, etc.) or heavy appliances. It can also be caused by other wireless signals drowning out the sensor - think of simpler devices like remote controlled garage door openers, wireless weather stations, or some baby monitors. So the first thing you want to do when troubleshooting is identify all of the possible sources of interference between that sensor and your Base Station, and then we can figure out how to decrease its effect.

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Did it quit after the update? There appears to be no way to reset the sensors other than the battery. You can try removing it from the system and re-adding it. Has this ever given you an issue before