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Tue, Aug 24, 2021 6:25 PM

Naming Devices, Part II


I cannot get Simplisafe central (the WEB repository) to recognize the custom device names that were successfully entered via the Keypad (please see immediately prior post, "Naming Devices ???".

So I thought I'd try naming them from the WEB rather than the Keypad.

Under Dashboard >> Devices in the top right corner there is a blue box that says, "add or name device".

I click that and see a popup that says: "Contacting the base station to enter add-device mode..."

Then a video plays saying: "Looking for devices ... Pull the device's battery tab and press the button".

I press the device button (the device is already installed so no need to pull the battery tab) and the Base Station says: "Entry sensor detected- now choose a name"

I run to the computer and press the blue "Done" button.

I then see a popup that says: "Contacting the base station to exit add-device mode..."

The Base Station says "Alarm Off".

But no option to actually name the system :( :( :(

Since we have multiple sensors, if the alarm goes off in the middle of the night it would be very beneficial to look at the keypad to see what has triggered the alarm (SimpliSafe does not announce custom names, and we have too many sensors to use the default naming options).

Can anyone help us name our devices and get the names transferred to the WEB???

Thank you very much!

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Il y a 1 a

Not quite clear what you are saying.

You have no devices showing in your system in the online/web configuration, so you're trying to add and name them?


The devices are showing in the online/web configuration, but you're just trying to change the default names?

If the latter, you should not have to add anything. Just click into the default sensor name to edit it.

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Hi LargeDoggie,

From your other thread, at first I thought that you just hadn't refreshed the webapp (the circular arrow button at the top), which would pull the latest info immediately from the Base Station. If you don't do that, it'll just display the info from the last time that info was requested.

Setting the system into Setup and Naming Mode is exactly the same whether you do it from the Keypad or from the webapp or smartphone app. BUT if you do it from the webapp or app, it should have also refreshed the latest info. So as soon as you exited the mode, the names you gave the sensors should have been uploaded.
At this point it might be a good idea to give us a call at 800-548-9508. Our Support team can have a look at your account to make sure that it's set up properly.

Though just to clarify one more piece - when there's an alarm event, the main place where these sensor nicknames will come into play is when you're looking at your Timeline, as well as on Smart Alert notifications (which relay the same info as on the Timeline). So if you haven't already, we strongly suggest heading over to the Alerts & Notifications section of the webapp or smartphone app to make sure you've got the Alerts all set.

- Johnny M.
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Il y a 1 a

Thanks for responding and for your info.

I got it working per the workaround under the first post, "Naming Devices???".

I will go check Alerts and Notifications now.

All the best.