Thu, Dec 6, 2018 9:07 PM

NEST Doorbell Camera

Does anyone know if the NEST Doorbell Camera integrates with SimpliSafe???  I know that the NEST Programmable Thermostat does, but wondering if you can integrate the camera...  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanx!

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Only our own Video Doorbell Pro is compatible with our system. You can have a look there.


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Very soon you may want to integrate or else users may start buying nest security

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I have three SS cameras and asked for the ability to add them to my NVR system along with all my other cams. Rather than that taking some sales away, it might actually expand sales of the cameras. But, I received no response. Seems they wish to keep it a rather closed system. In some regards I get it. The less you have control of the more oddball compatibility issues you're likely to encounter.

On the other hand, I've subsequently bought a few hundred dollars worth of non-SS WiFi cams that do allow me to integrate them with the NVR system. Those few hundred probably would have gone to SS had their cameras facilitated integration.