Mon, Feb 3, 2020 2:31 PM

Never ending problems with doorbell disconnecting

I received the doorbell for Christmas so it has been installed for about a month.  I have already had to take it off & reset it six times.

A little background.  I have an AiMesh system using an AC5300 as my main router at one end of the house, RTAC68U at the other end and a RP-AC55 in the center.  I have around 25 devices, including a security camera system that is on 24/7 transmitting to a computer at the other end of the house.  Everything works great.  No big overlap...all devices, including the doorbell, have signal strengths between 50 & 60 dBm.  The app reports the signal strength as "Great".
Other devices drop off, renew their address and come right back online.

Now the doorbell.   The big problem is if it loses connection, most of the time, it will not reconnect without resetting. The light stays on like the camera is being viewed & it is basically locked up.   I even set up a 2.4 Mhz only guest network with just the doorbell on it.  Tried all of the tricks...disabled airtime fairness & universal beamforming, assigned a fixed IP in the router, increased DHCP lease time.  Also, I disabled roaming for the doorbell so it stays connected to the same node at all times.

I have never seen a wifi device that can't cope and recover from dropping off the network.  Other devices drop off, getting their IP address renewed through  DHCP and never miss a beat.  It would be like having to reset your phone every time you come home else it would not connect back to wifi.

Something is seriously wrong with this doorbell.  Is it THIS doorbell or is it the product?  It is ridiculous how much time and effort has gone into trying to keep this doorbell online.  I think the longest is has ever worked was three days.
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