Sat, Apr 17, 2021 3:28 AM

New Base Station

Simplisafe sent me a replacement base station but now the app wont connect to it.  Think its because i had already entered the S/N for the old base station.


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Il y a 1 a

Call them. They can change your serial number.

Did you do the whole take the batteries out of the base and keypad drill?

Wouldn't be nice if someone threw some instructions in the box on these?

Il y a 1 a

I tried the battery trick with no luck.

Instructions would be nice, would also be nice if they answered the phone.

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Il y a 1 a

I believe you can change the serial number online if you act like you are setting up new service it then gives you a choice to transfer to a new base station.

Oddly I have never had any trouble with them answering the phone.

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Il y a 1 a

Hi @poprocksncoke0013,

While setup information should have been included with your replacement Base Station, instructions for how to activate your new Base Station can be found by clicking here to view our article on the subject in our Help Center.

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