Mon, Nov 2, 2020 2:45 PM

No Alarm Noise

I just installed my system but whenever it is activated, the base station is not alarming an alert. I receive a notification on my phone but there is no siren or noise from the system. Did I do something wrong?



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2 y ago

There are several things you will want to check but encourage you to call support too. First, make sure your base is in test mode, and you have your base settings correct. Example: Siren to high, sensors on instant trigger (except entry doors you will use when the system is armed).  Is the base plugged in? (No wall switch controlling the outlet...note your batteries may not be charged yet).

Once you get the system to alarm, make sure you arm it and do a test to have the system alarm and then get a call from the monitoring center -- if you have monitoring.  Again, suggest you call support to answer any questions you may have.