Thu, Aug 27, 2020 4:18 PM

No Answer at Support

I have tried to call SS twice at one number, and again at another number listed on another SS support page.  Both numbers ring and ring with no answer - not even the automated response.  Is this normal?

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Uh oh!!

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All of our numbers go to the same queues. We sincerely apologize for the wait. But from what we can see on your account, it does seem that you've already been working with our Support team. Hopefully we've got your issue resolved!

Johnny M.
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Yesterday I installed my daughter's relocated SS3 system in their new house, which was built in 1906. Expanded from 6 to 27 sensors (part of our house warming present) I had to call support to change the address.  Wait time was under a minute and Marcus was great.  He said staff and call center locations are expanding weekly and they are getting ready for holiday season.  Important as the quick pickup was, the fact he was professional, efficient and knowledgeable were great too.

BTW, the range on the SS3 through those thick plaster and wood walls was great, on two floors, basement and the detached garage about 40 yards away.  Nicely done SS, keep it up.