Thu, Aug 27, 2020 3:52 PM

No answer on ANY Simplisafe phone numbers

I'm a new customer. Received my custom kit and there is no included siren.
I've called every number on the website, paperwork, internet....None of the lines has a person answer the phone?

Anyone else having this issue.
Ready to return or merely dispute my charge for this system.

Very poor access to customer support at the start...Doesn't bode well..

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I just posted the same thing!! I have tried calling two different numbers several times this morning and getting nothing.  Not even the automated answer.

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No tech support what so ever. I and my daughter have had the same problem. We have separate systems. No response of any kind from tech service. Been at least a week.  I'm going to want a refund for the time my system is down.
It's probably COVID related with short staff working from home. But, that doesn't help protect my home.

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Makes you feel warm and fuzzy right?