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Tue, Jun 8, 2021 2:19 PM

No forum search?

Why isn't there a basic tool to search these forums?

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1 y ago

Hi chris.shaffer,

Unfortunately yes. it's an artifact of the age of our forum platform. We're working on bringing it back, along with improvements for the whole forum, soon.

- Johnny M.
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1 y ago

@chris.shaffer  no, but fortunately you can use a google site search and get it done very easily and well.

For example, want information on SS3 motion sensors and pets?

On your browser search field, type  

site: SS3 motion sensor dog

You can try different key search words and see what works best. BTW, the new Help Center is very good too and it is getting better all of the time.

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1 y ago

Thanks! I've been searching for a search bar that does not exist.