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Thu, Mar 3, 2022 3:17 PM

No Link to Dispatcher

No link to dispatch center is advertised to anyone within earshot.  If I turn down the volume I can’t hear alerts like a sensor is open when I am arming the alarm & it will go off when the countdown is done.  I chatted with someone who assured me I would still hear which sensor is triggered if the volume is down but that’s not the case.  A waste of 2 hours & $330.  If this is how you guys force customers into a contract I’ll just find a less shady company.

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Il y a 5 m

Hi @tabithajbasye 

Sorry to hear about the miscommunication there. At this time, the Base Station does not announce a sensor by name when it is triggered. When your system is off, you'll get a chime. And when your system is armed in Home or Away, a triggered sensor will set off an alarm - but no voice prompt.

And as for that "No Link to Dispatch" message - if you're not subscribed, but still have your system connected to the app, that message means that your Base Station has been disconnected from your WiFi. The warning will only happen when your system is disarmed.

I would suggest moving your Base Station (the tower) closer to your WiFi router so that it has a better time linking up.



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Il y a 5 m


Per it sounds like that error could mean no Wi-Fi OR no cellular connection. Are you right or is the support article right?

Does that audio clip sound if either connection is unavailable or only if both are unavailble? So if WiFi is up but cellular is down, does the error still sound?

Also is it possible this error would sound if say, the base had station had an old 2G module and couldn't make a cellular connection because the 2g network has been shut off?