Wed, Sep 30, 2020 8:30 PM

No QR code on app for camera install

Greetings. I am not getting a QR code on the app to install the camera. A call to tech support said it is a known issue with newer phones. Does anyone have a workaround? Thank you.

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Hi @williamreinecke,

If the SimpliSafe app is not properly generating a QR code for you, it may have to do with the characters in either your Wifi name or your Wifi password as there can be some issues with certain special characters. If you are unable to get a QR code to generate on your phone it may worth a try on another device. You should be able to install SimpliSafe cameras using the SimpliSafe app on any device running iOS 12.0+ or Android 6.0+.

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I'm not using any special characters.

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How old is "newer" and more specifics? Android, iOS, make, model, etc. of phone?

I use a Galaxy S9, while not brand spanky new it's not exactly ancient and has Android 10.

No problems with QR codes or registering/setting up cameras.

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iPhone XR iOS 14.01