Mon, Feb 22, 2021 12:20 AM

Non-existent Simplisafe Support

1. About a year ago I reported to Simplisafe that someone stole my keypad, base station, and one of my sensors. They sent me a new keypad, but did not inform me of the "rogue keypad" ss3 security breach problem.

2. When I received my new keypad, I repeatedly asked via email how I could prevent it from being stolen again. No response.

3. I informed Simplisafe that recently someone bypassed my system multiple times and asked how I could keep it from happening again. No response except for misinformation via telephone.

4. I had to do the research and discovered the security breach mentioned in #1 above. Someone was using my old keypad, gaining entry to my house, pairing up their keypad (thus bypassing mine) with my system, disarming my system. After abusing my pets and stealing and breaking things, they unpair from my system and leave.

No one can help when I email or call (which I've done four times). I am waiting for help here....

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1 y ago

Your story is odd and doesn't make much sense.  But maybe with some more details me and other customers can help.

1. How did your system get stolen?  I guess it wasn't turned on?  There is no "rogue keypad" problem if you got an entirely new base station.  Unless you are saying everything but the keypad was recovered?  By whom?  I suspect there is a lot to this story that is being left out.

2. The obvious way you can prevent the keypad being stolen is to turn the alarm on!   And of-course have the keypad inside the alarm-protected area.  

3. How do you know somebody "bypassed" your system?

4. Again, if you got a new base station, the old keypad would not be associated and not work with it.  If you recovered the original base station, it is easy to remove the old keypad so it can't be used any more.  If you failed to do that it's on you.

If the old keypad is not "paired" with your base, it cannot be used to "pair" it to your base, full stop.  I think maybe you aren't arming the alarm?  Maybe an old roommate/significant-other had a PIN and you didn't change it when they left?

If your home is getting broken into, are you reporting it to the police?  How do you know burglars are abusing your pets, and why would they?  

So much about your story just doesn't make sense.

Get a camera.  Simplisafe or some other camera that uploads immediately to the internet.  Place it at the door the bad people are entering through, then turn the video over to the police when they break in again.

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1 y ago

I have to agree. Seems like there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye. The mystery "bypasses" of the system? People that break in and rub Bengay on your pets paws... really? Really??? It seems almost too over the top to be true.