Mon, Jan 20, 2020 4:18 PM

Only keypads work - app and website changes to the Off/Home/Away do nothing

I had a smoke detector go off this morning as soon as I put the battery in.  I am hoping that now SS will allow me to return it as the email I got before said to try it again, but it goes off randomly... either when the battery is first put in or a few minutes later.

But now that seems to have caused another issue - after canceling the alarm thru dispatch, only my keypads will change the system from Home/Away/Off... when I click to change them on the app or the website, the base station simply repeats whatever the system is currently set at and nothing happens.  I have armed/disarmed the system from the keypads but still nothing works from the app/website.  I also have it integrated to Google and telling Google to set it to Home or Away does nothing but cause the base station to announce whatever the current setting is.

Has anyone dealt with this?

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Il y a 3 y

for future folks - i took off the base and took out the battery backups.  this reset the device and now my app/website work again.



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Il y a 3 y

Just for future reference, make sure you clean your smoke detectors every month. (use a can of compressed air).  Not keeping them clean can cause them to go off.  Also don't have them in the kitchen or too near a bathroom.