Wed, Sep 22, 2021 8:34 PM

Outside camera - motion notification setting

In the camera settings for the outside camera, there is a toggle for "motion notifications".  Is it supposed to trigger a push notification to my phone upon motion detection?  If not, then what?

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Hi jeffdarter,

You're correct. "Motion Events" enables the camera to trigger when there's someone or something in view - and sends an event on your Timeline whenever it does. And "Motion Notifications" sends those timeline events as a Push Notification to your phone.

If you're not getting the Push Notifications, check if the events are showing up on your Timeline. If not, we'll want to troubleshoot the camera.
But if Timeline events are indeed populating, then we'll want to troubleshoot your phone and make sure that notifications aren't being blocked.

- Johnny M.
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Il y a 1 a

I have had some vehicles come into my driveway, not trigger the camera or show up on my timeline, while others in the exact same locations do.