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Sat, Apr 23, 2022 8:53 PM

Phone app - one account/2 household members

Can both my husband and myself have the phone app installed? I am the primary account holder and the app works fine for me and I used it to set up the system, but when he tries to configure the app it is asking him to set up a system first. There doesn't seem to be a way for him to connect to an existing system. He is specified as a secondary contact on the account. How can he and I both have the phone app installed for the same account? 

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Il y a 4 m

Hi @hedrichm ,

Primary and Secondary contacts only denote who is called during an emergency, and when. So they don't affect who gets to access your account.

Right now, SimpliSafe accounts are set up as single-user login only. But so long as you log in under the same email and password, you can have access on as many devices as you like.

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Il y a 4 m

Correction: he's listed as a PRIMARY contact, not a secondary contact. I just want to make sure he has the ability to control all aspects of the system in case I'm not able to, and also be able to use the phone app to arm/disarm the system. That's such a handy feature and I expected that to be simple to set up.



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@hedrichm​ Yes, you and your husband can use the the app on the same account with no issues. if the alarm goes off, dispatch will try and call the primary, and if no answer, the secondary. (Note, you can change this by calling SS support directly in the future.

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