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Fri, Jan 29, 2021 3:57 AM

Phone Notifications

Hi Guys, Question: I get alerts on my phone as text messages, for example "System Armed' or "System Disarmed'.
Can I also have my wife get these text messages on her phone as I do.
She is the secondary person for dispatch alert if alarm sets off?



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2 y ago

@ Marvic1 quick answer is yes.  My wife and I are on the same account, both have Android Pixel 4a's and works fine. Suggest, however, you use push notifications from the app as they are indeed faster than text messages.  You can do botth.

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2 y ago

Thank you, the notification text are coming in on both phones...

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2 y ago

You'd think push would always be faster but usually for me there is little difference and even sometimes my iPhone XR  (no SS app installed) receives text before my Galaxy S9 (with SS app installed) receives the push. Probably just depends which system is more burdened at any given instant or maybe how different providers prioritize the bits of information.