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Sat, Dec 18, 2021 11:49 AM

Push Notification not working

I got my Simplisafe yesterday. I have enabled the notification alert trigger but I only received push notifications when I use the panic button. There's no push notification when the entry sensor or motion sensor is triggered. 

I have uninstall and reinstall the app with same result. 😞 I'm use the app version

 I have a Samsung note 10.

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Il y a 8 m

Hi fuzzylogix2010,

When testing your Entry and Motion Sensors, are you waiting for the countdown to complete? In a real alarm situation, you'd need to wait for the full alarm (with the full sirens) before Alarm Notifications are sent out.

If the countdown isn't even initiating at all, we'll want to double-check that all of those sensors are actually set up to be able to trigger properly.