Fri, Jan 8, 2021 9:33 AM

Push Notification stopped working


Has anybody else stopped receiving Push notifications on their phones from Simplisafe?

It was working fine for me, until yesterday evening. Email notifications are still working, but push notifications have stopped. They're enabled in the App - all three types of Syste Alerts. I've switched the settings off and back on, restarted the App and restarted the phone but no joy.

This is on Android 11 on a Pixel 3a with Simplisafe version 3.41.0 (which was updated to that version on my phone yesterday).


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Il y a 2 y

Please try the following:

-Shut off email alerts, then save
-Shut off SMS alerts, then save
-Turn off all Push notifications by toggling the bar to off
-Turn on all Push notifications that you want
-Re-enable email alerts (if desired)
-Re enable SMS alerts (if desired)



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Il y a 2 y

My alerts were not working, but after the "last" update, I turned off all SMS at the same time, saved. Then turned off all push alerts, saved, turned them back on , saved.  All aok now, tested all 3 types and good to go. For those that care, Pixel 4a, Android 11, Jan 5th security update applied. Good luck to all.

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Il y a 4 m

I am having no push notifications for activity only. When I look at the push notifications submenu, I see two types under System Alerts: Alarm Triggered and Warnings. There is no Activity option. When I set up SMS notifications, the same two options and no option for Activity notifications.

My wife's iphone 11 works fine but this does not work on my Pixel 5

I uninstalled and reinstalled and had the same issue.

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@Thesharp​ are you subscribed to Interactive Monitoring? Activity Alerts are specifically a feature of that tier of Monitoring Service. If you're subscribed to Standard Monitoring, Camera Recordings, or are not subscribed at all, you should have access to only Alarm and Error notifications (and of course Camera alerts).