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Sun, Sep 26, 2021 10:25 PM

Question about total number of devices (sensors/keypads/cameras)

This may have been asked before but I could not find it.

What is the total number of devices (sensors, camera, keypads) that can be controlled by the base station and the APP?

My understanding is that the maximum number of sensors connected to a base station is 100.
If that is correct, do keypads count as sensors?
What about cameras, and do they count against that total (100?).



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@cldslv great question and I believe that cameras do not count in the total for 100. Keypads ditto but, alas, when I tried about 10 different queries in the Help Center and couldn't even find a hit on the topic of how many sensors are supported by SS3.

Attention Simplisafe: the Help Center is defintiely better than it's predescessor but it is ueless if your key word structure doesn't work. Suggestion: to improve it ask customers to assist, or, have your own internal staff take questions in the forums and test it against the support center. Believe me, I really tried and came up empty handed.

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Hi cldslv,

Yes, the total is for 100 components - that includes anything that connects to the Base Station directly. That means that Keypad, the Wireless Siren, the Smart Lock (which counts as two because of the PIN Pad), AND the Outdoor Camera all take up spots.

We don't yet have an article for this exact question in the Help Center. I'll suggest it to the Customer Service team.

- Johnny M.
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@johnny m,

Why does the outdoor camera connect to the base station directly when the video doorbell pro and simplicam do not?  By extension does this mean the outdoor camera won't work without a base station? (I believe you've said the simplicam will work w/o a base station)