Fri, Dec 27, 2019 6:47 PM

Range extender for SS?

Do the door & motion sensors rely on bluetooth or wi-fi of some type?   I'm trying to figure out if their is a way to increase the range a bit from the base station to the sensors.

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Neither. They use frequency around 433MHz.

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Any way to 'boost' that signal?  Or even better direct it.  Maybe with a reflector type set up?  Thoughts.



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One fellow on here reported good results by connecting a longer antenna to the sensor.  I suppose a more effective antenna on the base would work, but I don't recall anyone reporting on trying it.

There are three factors in range - the power of the transmitted signal and the sensitivity of the receiver (which probably would not be practical to enhance), the effectiveness of the antennas, and the height of the transmitting antenna (mount the base higher to see if that helps).

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FWIW, if you have a SS2 system they claim more range for SS3.

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You can disassemble the sensor and attach a wire to the internal antenna, and have it exit a hole in the plastic casing that you drill.  The sensors all use 433.92 MHz transmitters, so you want a quarter wave long monopole type antenna which is a total wire length of 6.800 inches.  Be sure to include any of the internal wire antenna in the total length calculation.  For a more compact antenna you can use a loaded coil antenna or a helical coil antenna, however they will not have quite as much gain.