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Thu, Mar 21, 2019 7:46 PM

Routers with WPA3

HI everyone. Emailed Simplisafe Support and confirmed SS3 is compatible with the new WPA format, version 3. New models are just starting to come out and, at least so far, has not been cracked. Hardware and software designed, it can be updated so the theory goes offer excellent protection against hackers.  We'll see on that but am glad SS is looking ahead!

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Il y a 2 m

Fast forward to 2022. WPA3 still doesn't work.

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Il y a 1 m

Per ckoehler45's message, I wasted a good number of hours figuring out why my new Simplisafe wouldn't connect to WiFi.  I've installed 2 other systems without any trouble.  Turns out I selected WPA3 for my new router's security.  Simplisafe just wouldn't connect to WiFi - no explanation why.  Had to roll router back to WPA2 (not secure).  C'mon Simplisafe, we're going to need to call you just Simpli, drop the Safe.  Make your stuff compatible with WPA3!