Sat, Dec 4, 2021 10:28 PM

Scheduling disarm?

Is there any known (and Simple) way to schedule our system to disable every morning at a specific time?  We are installing this at our laundromat where we have automatic door locks that open every morning, and our cleaning crew locks up (and arms) every night.  We can send someone over there to disarm every morning at 5am, it's not feasible.



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8 m ago

Scheduling of arming/disarming is not possible.

Alternatively, you (or someone else) can disable the alarm from your phone app (presuming you are awake at that time - which can be burdensome or become unreliable even if you are). Unfortunately, at this point, there is no other option beyond the app unless someone is physically present to disarm (i.e., giving an employee a custom PIN or Key Fob). But to reiterate, both of those alternatives/suggestions require someone to be present.

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8 m ago

Right, for now the only way to arm or disarm the system is by direct action by a person. But we do have Arming Reminders in the Settings of the SimpliSafe app, so you can get a notification when it's time to arm or disarm.


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@davey_d Using the iPhone app. it's not a reminder, but auto arms the system. Once you click on the SMS message. The only bug I have run into is the arms it twice. .

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7 m ago

Looking around at a new alarm why don't they have an auto arming feature?

It makes my 20 year old home control alarm system look futuristic with what I can and cannot configure.

Currently my current system auto arms at 23.30 and disarms at 05.30 unless I manually arm it then it needs a manual disarming .

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@mccldd as the system is designed right now, the only way to arm and disarm is with a deliberate action by a human. So of course whenever you see an event on your Timeline, you know that a person who has access to your system was the one who performed that action.

But yes, an automated option has been requested in multiple threads. We'll of course be sending this feedback up to our dev team.

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I’m so disappointed with this system, the lack of scheduling and automation is so poor for an alarm which is supposed to be ‘smart’. The scheduling element is fundamental for me. I can’t justify spending anymore on a product which can’t do the basics.