Sun, Jun 7, 2020 2:03 PM


I cannot believe there is NOT a search function...  but I have looked and cannot find a search button etc.  

Can anyone help me, would rather search topics already solved then ask the same questions over and over..

Thanks in Advance!

Pat in Savannah



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2 y ago

@Pat, welcome to the forums. No search function in the forums but you can use a google site search. For example, to find SS3 motion sensors and pets,

www.simplifafe.com/forum SS3 motion sensor dog

There was one but SS took it out years ago. Note, the new help center is pretty good and does have a decent search tool.

If you do have any specific questions, ask away. Many, many here to assist.

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2 y ago

Thanks Captain11, I appreciate the response.  I will try that...      Just installed my system so we will see what questions come floating out as I get to using it!

Again, Thank You!

Pat in Savannah