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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 9:29 PM

Sensor Low Battery Alert Won't Clear

Hello - we've had a Simplisafe 2 system for awhile now.  We received a low battery sensor error.

We replaced the battery with a new CR-2032 Lithium 3V per article:

The sensor shows opening/closing of the door correctly, but still shows low battery alert after refreshing the device list and also clearing the error on the keypad.  Still shows low battery.  Reset the sensor connection, still shows low battery alert.  

Now the base station (voice) does not alert us to a low battery device error.

So the sensor is working properly, but only the SimpliSafe online screen and app (device list) still shows a low battery alert.

Any additional input?  Thank you.

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3 m ago

Hi all,

Jumping in here to give some insight. Since the original poster does mention that the Entry Sensor was already working - i.e. it lit up when activated, and the Base Station was already responding to it - I wouldn't think this was a battery/power issue. 

But what I think happened is that the Keypad or app had not yet been updated with the latest info from the system. To refresh:

  • On your Keypad, look out for the [!] on the side of your screen. Press down on that side to open the Notification area. Follow the on-screen instructions to clear any pending warnings.
  • On the SimpliSafe app, head to the Dashboard, and pull down on the screen. When you release, the app will ask your system to send the most recent info.

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2 y ago

Leaving here in case someone else has this issue.  

My smart husband, took out the battery, wiped both sides of the battery with alcohol. That fixed it!