Wed, Nov 24, 2021 8:44 PM

SimpliSafe Phone App

Can 2 people in the household have the phone app and access the system?

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9 m ago

@micrenton a "qualified yes" but both must have the same log in and can access all settings. For my wife and I, not an issue and having been sharing the app for  years. no issues.

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6 m ago

When I try to log onto the one account with my husband's phone, it prompts him to set up the system, but when doing this, it says it's already registered to someone else even though I am logging in with my user id and password. Any suggestions?

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@utex1983​ has he logged in with another account before? There is a post about how that stopped working recently. Uninstalling/reinstalling worked. 

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@SS_User​  Thank you!