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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 9:43 PM

Simplisafe Phone Calls Dropped

11/18/20 1537 EDST: With the system in TEST, requested no fire/emergency dispatch so a smoke detector could be installed and tested. The first call with tech support resulted in the call being dropped as they were taking the system out of monitoring. I called backed and eventually another tech support took the system out for fire. While I was on the phone with them calls came in from Simplisafe Central presumably from the previous dispatcher who's call was initially disconnected.

I would not bother to note this discrepancy, except that:

1.) The same thing happened several times this morning as troubleshooting for the inability to sign on to the system impacted our ability to troubleshoot the smoke detector noted above. BTW the lack of sign on was reported by Simplisafe to be something inherent to the Firefox browser. Activated the MS Edge browser and the user id and pw worked properly.

2.) The same thing happened throughout last year with several Series BS-2000 base station replacements due to the 4G conversion. There was a lot of over the phone troubleshooting taking place with the with the calls being dropped reliably every time. It quickly got to the point when a tech answered the phone I would say before you go any further, please take down my landline and cell numbers in case we get disconnected.

Earlier this year once the quarantine began with everyone working remotely, the techs would say Simplsafe was aware there were problems with the telephone systems. All other calls I am involved with do not drop out at all. Not sure if Simplisafe is aware or resolving the problems, but it is costing lots of lost time and money for them and the customers. If there is any insight as to what can be dome to improve telephone call stability with Simplisafe, I'm sure a bunch of us would be grateful to hear what it is! Thank you.



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@ pjsaxton fair questions that deserve a reply from SS.



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Can you elaborate on what you refer to as "sign on"?  You're talking about your online dashboard/account, yes?

I ask because I had a situation yesterday mid-afternoon where the log-in page refused to work and would not send a verification email - 25 minutes and 8 attempts later, on the phone with support, all 8 verification emails came at once, while the verification page kept refreshing itself over and over and over.  I asked the tech to make someone aware of it, because in my case, neither Firefox OR Edge worked with the log-in page/verification.  It appears to be working today, but I suspect it was a server glitch and the tech stated SS was "updating things" that day.

So, if what you're referring to is similar to my case that happened yesterday, regarding logging in to the account or forum, it is NOT solely a Firefox problem, as it didn't work with Edge either.  Hopefully it really only was some updating in the background and hopefully  they have it sorted out so others don't have to deal with it.  If it is in fact only a Firefox problem, they need to get on the ball, I've asked them countless of times to make their website (across the board), to be multiple-browser friendly, and they don't seem to want to deal with Firefox (which is b.s.!)