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Simplisafe Security Breech?

I had seen on another post where there was a security breech at Simplisafe:  https://simplisafe.com/forum/customer-support-forum/installing-and-using-simplisafe/water-sensor-not-responding-n

I then realized I had the same email address respond to me when I had reached out via the Contact Us Page on Simplisafe's site at the end of May:  customer-support@simplisafe.mypurecloud.com  They had asked me for my base serial number suggesting that it may need upgraded along with my address and telephone number.  I provided only my serial number and never heard anything again.  I even replied again and never heard anything.  Fortunately I did not include my address and phone number like I was requested to.

I sent a message to Simplisafe via their website Sunday morning (8/23/2020) inquiring about this but no response.  I called Monday (8/24/2020).  The customer service rep I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about.  I told her the date of the email chain and she checked their system and said she had no record of it... which I said "Exactly because your website was compromised!"  I told her other users had reported the same thing and had to have their entire system replaced.  She said she doesn't see that anything was compromised but that she does need to send me a new base station because the modem needs replaced.  She then transferred me to tech support to inquire about my sensors.  

Tech support thought I needed to "troubleshoot my sensors."  I explained everything again which she appeared to not know about this.  I offered to forward the email, ect... she put me on hold to reach out to someone else.  She came back on and had me confirm the email date again, which I did.  She came back a few more times, told me she was still researching and put me on hold again....As I am writing this email I have been on the phone with them for 39 minutes now and still on hold....  She came back at 41 minutes and asked me to send the email to them and that their escalation team would have to look at it and get back to me.  She said I could respond to the email ticket with the email.  Then she put  me on hold again to create the ticket.  She came back on at 49 minutes and asked me for my best contact number.... I asked if I would get an email to respond to with the ticket number so I could send the email I had and she said I might not.  I asked for the ticket number and she said there wasnt one..... I said ok you just told me to respond with the email... how do I get it to you... and she said if they need it they will ask for it during the call.  I was told the escalation team would call me today....

A little while later on the same day Monday 8/24/2020, Simplisafe had finally responded to my inquiry I posted on their site and of course did not understand what I was talking about so I went into detail on my response and asked this to be escalated....

Here we are 8/25/2020 Tuesday evening... I have not received any emails, phone calls, nothing.......

If there was truly a security breech, Simplisafe should have sent an email to every single customer stating that if you sent an inquiry within a specific date range that they need to reach out to Simplisafe.  The fact that this security breech has been swept under the rug is just scary!  The fact that they are not telling their techs or customer service reps is disturbing as well unless if they are told to not admit anything when a customer calls in.

Yes I should have checked to make sure the email was actually from Simplisafe but since I had done the inquiry through their Contact Us page on their website, I did not think twice about it.  I will never make that mistake again.  I was successfully phished.  

Here is that email chain:

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 3:21 PM **redacted** wrote:
I appreciate you taking care of that.

My base station serial number is **redacted**

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 2:22 PM Dave from SimpliSafe wrote:
Hi **redacted**,

Thank you for your email. My name is Jeovanni, a representative here at SimpliSafe. I would love to assist you! I understand that you are having trouble receiving your referral bonus.

My apologies. I have applied for your free month of service. I believe that we need to send a new cellular module out to you for your Base Station. We have been slowly phasing out our 2g modules for a new, stronger 4g module. To get this order started, I just need your Base Station's serial number and your preferred shipping address.

If you have any more questions, please write back to us or give us a call at 1-800-297-1605. I can also set up a direct call to you, just reply to this email with the best time and phone number where you can be reached and I set up a follow-up call. We're open from 9AM to Midnight, EST, seven days a week.


SimpliSafe, Inc.
Monday - Sunday: 9am - 12am EST

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SS should not have had to ask for the serial number or your address, they already have it.

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Exactly.... their website Contact Us page was compromised.  Sadly I cant get them to respond to me.  I wonder what else was compromised?  Our names/addresses, billing information?  I guess the only way I will get some sort of response is to reach out to the media perhaps.

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Last week my SS3 alarm would not disarm and my SS3 alarm would not communicate with dispatch, additionally all three of my Simplcams displayed solid blue lights and would not disconnect even after 30 minuets. When I called SimpliSafe/Tisha, she had me run some device tests through the keypad. My motion detectors were able to detect motion, but SimpliSafe was not able to communicate with my base station. She advised that she would send out a new base station and that the base station would have a new cell chip because SimpliSafe was changing cell providers to Verizon.

When I received the base station, I installed it where the defective base station was. The keypad was not able to communicate with my base station. I had to call SS/Tarsha and she asked for the base station SN, after that the keypad was able to communicate with my base station, however 1/2 of my devices did not get recognized so I had to manually add each device. The only device not currently recognized is my single smoke alarm. I will address that on Thursday.



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There was a response on a post last week from Johnny M (SS rep) that the email address is used by them for some communications (IIRC) - I can't find the post, but I remember it.

So, before anyone accuses SS of a breach, and does not provide evidence, you might want to ask a rep to have a supervisor call you (either call, or message them on FB) to confirm the email address sent to you.  Purecloud is used by many many companies for management, communications and it can used with Amazon Web Services which I believe SS uses (as do a ton of professional companies).

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Coltmaster1:  I have asked them to call me.  I called in and spent an hour on the phone and it was supposed to be escalated and I was supposed to get a call back.  I emailed them multiple times as well.  I can not get a response from Simplisafe.

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Good luck getting a supervisor level person to call you back. I have been waiting two weeks now. What a joke and they don't seem to care.