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Thu, Jan 13, 2022 6:17 PM

SimpliSafe, SimpliSucks

SimpliSafe is SimpliTerrible! Customer service is nonexistent and Simplisafe has done nothing to address system reliability issues, camera connection dropping, app not working, solar panel not charging my camera!

My case was escalated to the Specialist Dept. on January 3rd regarding a theft on my property and the cameras not recording the theft. Dayana contacted me three days later, on January 6, but she had to drop due to a fire drill, and she promised to call me back. As of today, January 13, I have not received a call back and my camera issues have not been resolved, despite me letting Simplisafe know we had a burglary and the system didn't work.

In the meantime, Dayana had promised to send me an outdoor replacement camera which I have not yet received. I contacted SimpliSafe again by phone yesterday and put me on hold for 1 hour (I have attempted to contact SimpliSafe 7 times (and have been on hold over 155 minutes - see call records attached).

The information listed on their website is false advertising and bait and switch. SimpliSafe website says about their cameras: "Build to Work in any environment. That way you don't have to worry about your security feed cutting out when you need it most".

"Stable Wi-Fi coverage: 2 Wi-Fi antennas provide strong connection to your router - no matter where your camera is". Not true, my Wi-Fi connection runs at over 16 Mbps, more than enough for streaming video. However, our SimpliSafe camera cut out in the middle of recent burglary (see image attached) and there was nothing SimpliSafe could do about it. I reduced the bandwidth to 720p and they still cut out.

The solar panels receive more than 4 hours of direct sunlight and they are not keep the camera batteries charged. Also, the SimpliSafe app is also unreliable, when my phone is showing 5G I am frequently unable to access the app, while all other apps on my phone and internet are working perfectly.

Don't pay for "security" system that doesn't secure your home and protect your family. SimpliSafe is not capable to support their technology and customer service is unavailable to help its customers.

I have made a good faith effort to resolve this, by using all phone and email contacts provided on SimpliSafe's website. At this point, I would like a refund for all service payment and equipment purchased ASAP.

In additional the system costs, nearly $1,000, due to the unreliability of the system, we had a burglary loss of over $4000.

User's recommendation: Buyer Beware!!! SimpliSafe is SimpliUnreliable.

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