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Mon, Aug 1, 2022 2:25 PM

Smoke and Motion False Alarms

Tonight I had a smoke detector and motion sensors go off for no reason — while the system was disarmed. 

I’ve had a smoke detector glitch before, but never had alarms trigger while the house was disarmed… shouldnt even be possible? 

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@mullinsadamec​ if any sensors are triggered, and during the alarm siren, other sensors are also activated. So that way, if there were any people in the house, they could potentially be tracked moving around. So that part is not unusual.

The initial trigger is the Smoke Detector, so we should troubleshoot that. The device works by detecting any particles that are passing through a chamber inside; so it could be triggered not just by smoke, but also water vapor, dust, or anything else small enough to get in there. So we do recommend, especially if you have the sensor placed in a dustier environment, to vacuum around the grills of the device, every couple of months. You also want to keep it away from any air vents, which could blow the particles directly into the sensor!