Sat, Jan 26, 2019 5:43 PM

Solution / Enhancement to Inconsistent SMS Text Messaging Alert

As many users have reported here, the SMS / Text alerts have been very inconsistent lately.  I've woken up to 10+ text messages from Simplisafe from alerts that were from over the past 1-2 weeks.  So not only are they not being sent in real time, but a backlog is being created, then being resent in batches at random times.  This is happening across both my friend's phone and mine, both with different providers, both with different model phones, both started experiencing issues around the same time.  So this can't be the fault of our carrier or phone!  It is an issue with the Simplisafe SMS/Text service.

The solution, which others have mentioned in other threads (so it's not like it's an original idea), is to turn on email alerts from Simplisafe, which appear to be working consistently, and have your email service forward them as text messages to your phone.  Then turn off SMS alerts, and use email only (or Push notifications too, if you have the app on your phone).  

You can easily look up the email format based on your cell provider, for example:

T-Mobile: ##########@tmomail.com
Verizon: #########@vtext.com
AT&T: #########@txt.att.net

(you can probably Google formats for carriers not mentioned here)

In your email system, configure a filter that will forward all emails received from no-reply@simplisafe.com, to the email-to-text format listed above.


As many of your probably realize, the SMS/Text alerts can come in to your phone with a unique # as the "sender" in the ###-# format.  This means that every alert appears as a new text message, and if you don't keep your text/messages inbox clean, they can really clutter your phone.  The beauty of this alternate forwarding option is that all texts to your phone come from the same email address.  So ALL of the text alerts build up in a single text thread and doesn't clutter your phone.

Good luck! To be honest, even if the SMS issue is resolved, I'll stick with this since it doesn't clutter my text inbox.

(Here is a tutorial on how to set up this filter and forward in Gmail: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-forward-gmail-email-using-filters-1171934)
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