Fri, Apr 3, 2020 3:06 PM

SS III How to test Glass Break

Installed my upgraded system SS III and like it!

I installed the Glass Break and it shows it in the system.  
How do you test the sensor once it is in operation?

I tried the old way of pushing the test button and clapping hands but does not seem to work with the new GB sensor


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Clapping works but you have to clap loudly.  You could do like captain did and break an actual window lol.  I believe his was an old one that he found and tested with.



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When in "test" mode, the sensor is just in "noise" mode, so a clap works fine.  In "real" mode, there are additional filters applied, so breaking glass is the best test.  Metal against ceramic is sometimes enough.  I dropped a bundle of metal tubes once and that set it off.

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I downloaded a couple of YouTube videos of glass breaking.  This one worked when the volume was turned up. Search "Breaking Window Glass"