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Wed, Jul 1, 2020 2:16 AM

SS3 keypad circular progress always starts at top bug?

I'm seeing the SS3 keypad circular progress indication always start at the top when the screen turns off/on instead of continuing with the countdown (the numbers are fine).  Does anyone else see a different behavior?

Can anyone else confirm the following sequence on SS3 keypad?

1 press Away on the keypad
2 observe the circle progress indicator starting at the top
3 don't touch the keypad and let the screen go dark (takes 20 seconds)
4 touch the keypad to turn the display on and each time prior to the screen turning off to keep the display on
5 observe the circle progress indicator start at the top when the screen goes from off to on
6 observe that when the system transitions to Away, the circle progress indicator has not completed the circle and is not back at the top

When the screen goes off and you touch it to turn on, the countdown numbers are correct, but I feel the circular progress indication animation should start where it would have been had the screen not turned off so that it would complete the circle at zero when the alarm is set instead of always starting from the beginning, which means it would never complete the circle.  I think the circle should be consistent with the number of seconds is left, and use either to identify how much time is left, currently once the screen goes black only the seconds will be accurate.

I have keypad version 1.5.6, base station 1.5.8.

What does anyone else think?  This sounds like a software bug to me, any good ways to report bugs?
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