Wed, Mar 4, 2020 4:59 AM

STAY MODE - motion detector notifications to me only and not monitoring co or police

I've had SS over a year. When I purchased it I was assured that when I am home alone, I can put the system in STAY mode and be notified if a motion sensor is triggered. I have had one detector that consistently notified me until I installed a new base station today. Installed a new base station because simply safe informed me (when I asked why I don't get any notifications of being offline when we got a new internet modem that had not been set up) that the old base station didn't have the correct cell carrier backup.

So while on the phone today I told them I need ALL motion detectors to notify me ONLY and not the police they said that's impossible.

Granted I've been told numerous times that the motion detectors can be (and they said they were but we know only 1 of 5 worked).

Our 9 exterior doors can not accommodate sensors becauSe of the moldings around our 1980 home that I refuse to change.

So what I want is in STAY mode.... I am notified and NOT police via the monitoring company.

I'm at a loss.




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Il y a 2 y

You can request them to not dispatch police for an intrusion alert.  They will call you,  and you can get alerts on your phone.  Call them to set this up.