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Fri, Jul 2, 2021 5:06 PM

Support Wait Times: Using your Pixel with GA to help...

For those SS customers that are experiencing long waits and own a Google Pixel phone, there is a new tool in beta that can greatly help you.  It's the new "GA Hold for Me" tool that features using Google Assistant to monitor the phone line for you and alert you when a support/customer service rep is on the line. I have used it successfully in several instances over the past month, including a test call into SS. Dialed the toll free number, Google asked me if I wanted it to hold for me, clicked on the yes buttion and fifty two minutes later my phone rang and said it was ready to connect.  The SS rep was there as expected, quickly explained I was testing hold times, used GA and wished her a great day. (Don't worry, Johnny M, was on and off in about 30 seconds.) What is especially nice is that I was able to watch Star Trek Discovery while GA was hard a work.

Great tool for those of lucky enough to have Pixel phones! Nice to have as Simplisafe adds and trains new agents.
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