Sun, Jan 12, 2020 8:44 PM

Testing a newly installed system

I most recently installed a new SimpliSafe monitoring system. I have attempted several times to test the system. With no luck. The system seems to be working properly from my end, but I have not been able to hook up with SimpliSafe for monitoring. I have received several emails from SimpliSafe(Dave) requesting the test to be completed. Dave sent me step by step information as to how to do the test, but I still have not been able to complete the setup steps I have tried to logon on to http://simplisafe.com/my-account It asked for my logon which I did then I get another page that says welcome and asks for my Master Pin which I enter to unlock it, but I get a message that says Check internet connection.   As you can tell by this message I am connected to the internet. Apparently there is something wrong on your end. I would very much like to complete the connection of my system to SimpliSafe to ensure my system is completed and is being monitored by SimpliSafe.  How do I proceed??



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Il y a 3 y

@g.j.benson2 Simplisafe rarely, if ever, monitors this forum. Suggest you call tomorrow at 9am eastern and use your speaker phone to wait until they pick up and troubleshoot.



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Il y a 3 y

This may not be the resolution for everyone with this issue, but a few people had to get new cellular modules to fix the problem - call them first thing in the morning, try pressing #1 for sales, someone might answer sooner.